6 reasons to travel with children to Club Caleta Dorada in Fuerteventura


Golden Caleta Club

I recently told you my impressions about traveling with children to Fuerteventura.

Well, today I received an email from a girl I met there, a detail that reminded me of one of several reasons why I recommend traveling with the family to Fuerteventura. Especially, as I did, at Golden Caleta Club.

Only 7 kilometers from the airport: short taxi ride, sun, swimming pools, beach within walking distance, ideal for families with young children. I'll explain below 6 reasons to travel with children to Club Caleta Dorada in Fuerteventura.

1. The Climate

I will not extend much about this point. The weather in Fuerteventura is spectacular throughout the year. I was there during the month of February and I bathed on the beach and in the pool. Let's see, I'm not going to fool you, the water was cool, but with a stunning solace I didn't mind getting into the water and staying with a very good body warming the Sun later.

2. The Price

579.60 euros cost us to stay with my family: 2 adults and 2 children for a week at Club Caleta Dorada, neither more nor less.

Let's see, let's take account: 4 people, 7 days.

579.60 between 4 = 144.90 euros per person

144.90 between 7 = 20.70 euros per person and day.

Given that for 20 euros a day we had the 4 accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks free all day, because you want me to tell you, I thought it was a real luxury.

3. All Inclusive

I tell you, for 579 euros we spent a week at the Caleta Dorada Club with everything included. Food, drink, ice cream, accommodation, room service ... etc.

Let's see, in the restaurant you will not find caviar or lobster, but you can enjoy an extensive and acceptable repertoire of dishes that will not leave you hungry or dissatisfied.

You also have the option of hiring only accommodation, accommodation and breakfast or accommodation, breakfast and dinner. The apartment you will be staying in has a small but complete kitchen with all the necessary utensils for you to prepare your delicacies.

4. The Service

The service is excellent. During the week we spent at the Caleta Dorada Club in Fuerteventura we received exceptional treatment from all the staff who take care of the club and its guests.

Reception, waiters, entertainers, in charge of cleaning and maintenance of the facilities ... A 10 to all in kindness, patience and availability.

5. Animation

The Golden Caleta Club of Fuerteventura has good facilities. Several swimming pools, water attractions, soccer field, ping-pong table, pool table or table football are some of the ones I enjoyed most during my stay.

In addition, the club has a group of entertainers who organize several activities during the day and night to entertain both children and adults. Games, contests, tournaments, soccer championships, billiards, whatever. The question is to have fun and mix with other travelers.

At night, the animators organize a musical session for the little ones during which the children have a great time singing and dancing while the parents enjoy a well deserved drink after a busy holiday.

6. International Environment

I anticipate that I am a lover of mixing with people from different parts of the planet.

As I said at the beginning, today I received an email from a British girl whom we met with her family during our stay in Fuerteventura and with whom we had a good relationship.

The Golden Caleta Club is a place where you will find mostly families with young children and where, surely, you will have the opportunity to make friends with other families from different European countries.

In the end a trip is summed up with the sensations perceived in the place where you found yourself. After almost 2 months already, I tell you about my vacation in the Golden Caleta Club of Fuerteventura I keep a wonderful memory.