6 practical tips for traveling with children


Travel with children

1. For the first 2 years of paternity forget everything

Yes, you are a traveler who loves cultures and personal enrichment. Believe me, until they are 2 years old the only thing you are going to enrich is to engineer them to warm bottles, change diapers in the most hygienic way possible and go around the world carrying stuff like a mule.

Get rid of yourself. Take it easy and be patient. Simple and short trips. At home you will not be anywhere, neither you nor your little family.

2. Test your juggling

If you have more than one child Traveling with children tests your juggling and your ability to organize with your beloved partner. If with one you can afford some luxuries, with two or more your moments of freedom will turn those of your partner into moments of slavery. All good. All very beautiful: love, family ... But the truth is always hard and traveling with children is a challenge only available to the bravest.

3. From 3 years things change

When the youngest of your children crosses the 3 year barrier changes your life. All the bottles, diapers, strollers and other pots that you have dragged with all the dignity possible the orders to take for ... You pass them to any other pringado that has just begun and your body is lightened while it is released. You don't get to the level of leaving home and standing on the shores of the sea with a towel over your shoulder in 2 minutes, but you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Tips for traveling on the plane

My two children, due to life circumstances, got on a plane for the first time at a very young age. They touched 20 months if I remember correctly, and since then, flying has become a more or less regular situation. Odyssey in space ... In airspace.

Again, everything changes after 2 and a half or 3 years.

Take books, video games, consoles, game boys and everything that fits you in a small backpack so that your children take as little bag as possible not only to you, but to your poor flight companions.

Take music. My 5 year old son now likes to listen to music on the plane. But be careful what you put in the iPod. Never underestimate your adversary. You can find, as in my case, that if you do not load yourself with heavy weapons you will get shot by the butt: Guns' n Roses, Nirvana, U2 of the 80's and occasionally sneaks some funky with good rhythm. A Cold Play and company has already made it clear to me where they fit me because he grabs the Gameboy to kill enemies and I have to listen to them alone. Yes, the window is yours.

My daughter sits next to her mother and they read books. When I look at the picture I feel like a real loser.

5. Swimming soon is essential

Making friends

Once you arrive at the hotel, you leave your suitcases in any way in the room and leave to be touched by the air.

The hotel bar, which will become your little bunker over the next few days, is a good place to start taking the situation with some perspective.

It is important that your children learn to swim as soon as possible. Not only for sports or leisure-cultural issues, but because the sooner they learn to swim, the sooner you can taste your beer properly.

With mine I already have the duties fulfilled.

6. Encourage new friendships

It's good that your children relate to other children They know in the hotel. It is not just a matter of developing the ability to interact with other beings or to foster cultural exchange, but rather it is propositional logic: if my children are playing with other children it means that they are not playing with me, which means that I can have a beer in peace.

Anyway, this has been just a brief brushstroke about what it means travel with children. At the beginning it is an adventure full of situations of all kinds, some unfortunate, others exciting.

I hope you enjoyed this little introduction. I will try to keep telling you my experiences so that, if not now, someday they will be of some use to you.