Tips for your trip to Nepal


Nepal is an amazing country, not only for its natural biodiversity with tropical areas and the highest mountains in the world with the Himalayas but also for its culture, customs and people.

Here are a few rules and tips for traveling to Nepal and avoid complicated situations and win new friends as you pass through the country.

General rules

  • The way to greet in Nepal, as in India, is NAMASTE and it is pronounced while the palms are joined.
  • Remember that when a person moves his head from left to right, it means "Yes."
  • Do not give candy or pens to children. It can be seen as a kind gesture but in turn they are teaching children to ask for things. If you want to make donations such as pens, notebooks or clothes, it can always be done in a community or a school.
  • Do not touch anything with your feet as it is considered a great offense.
  • Dress properly. Avoid sleeveless shirts. Women especially should avoid tight clothes that reveal too much or too short skirts.
  • Be open and talk to the natives respecting and caring for their local customs.
  • Affective signs between men and women in public are frowned upon.
  • Take care and respect the environment.

In the table

  • Do not use your cutlery already used to take another's food or dishes.
  • Do not eat from the plate or drink from another person's glass.

In the temples

  • Before entering a house, in a stupa or a temple remember to take off your shoes.
  • Ask permission before entering a Hindu temple. In most Hindu temples, non-believers are not allowed to enter. Leather goods such as belts are also not allowed inside.
  • Walking around a stupa should always be done clockwise.
  • Take pictures only when you receive permission to do so.