Visiting Mikulov, Pearl of South Moravia


Mikulov It is one of those places that make you want to have a time machine. If your current beauty is dazzling, being able to stroll through its streets during its medieval splendor should be an experience. However, as long as Stephen Hawkings continues without giving the key that opens the possibility of time travel, we will have to settle for his contemporary majesty.

How to get to Mikulov

The village of Mikulov It is located in the Czech region of South Moravia, almost on the border with Austria, which can be seen without problems from the nearby Holy Hill.

The best way to get here is rent a car and drive the 50 km separating Mikulov from Brno, the capital of South Moravia. To do this you must take the E461 road south.

If you come from Prague, the trip will take you about two and a half hours to cover 250 km away. Remember that on the Czech motorways the speed limit is 130 km / h.

The train, although it works very well in the country, is not a good option because you must go from Prague to Olomouc and make transfers.

Mikulov's story

When I walked by sleepy streets of Mikulov I was trying to imagine the uproar that must have existed in them hundreds of years ago.

Nestled in the amber route and near the border with Austria, it always had great strategic importance. Under his watchful castle passed the carts loaded with salt from the Mediterranean and amber extracted in the Balkans.

Here two families of very powerful nobles settled in Central Europe. The Liechtenstein they acquired Mikulov in the mid-thirteenth century and the Dietrichstein at the end of the XVI.

It was also a place of great religious importance where Jews, Protestants and Catholics lived together in peace.

In Mikulov he slept too Napoleon after the final battle of Austerlitz and here the peace talks took place behind her, as well as those that ended the war between Prussia and Austria, in 1866.

During the WWII He suffered the occupation of the Nazis and the looting after the expulsion of the German families after the liberation. The Dietrichstein had to abandon their possessions forever.

Low soviet influence Mikulov fell into complete oblivion, but, in a way, that preservation caused by passivity, helped us to see it today as it was centuries ago.

After the fall of the iron curtain, Mikulov returns to be the cozy city that was always.

What to see in Mikulov

When you walk to the historic center of Mikulov you will reach its main square, chaired by the town hall and where you will find the tourist office. It is a good place to gather information and get some map of the city.

It seems like a lie everything there is to see in Mikulov Despite its small size. Put on comfortable shoes and get ready to walk ... And even to climb hills!

Mikulov Castle