Welcome to Enya's pub in Ireland


Leo's Tavern is famous in Donegal

The story goes that the Brennan were quite well-known musicians in Donegal County back in the 60s.

It was a marriage that was dedicated to touching at weddings, baptisms, communions and whatever it took.

Legend says that once a girl changed her wedding date so that the Brennan could put the music on their big day. Since then the priest of the town began to consult them before confirming any date to celebrate a marriage.

In 1968 the Brennan decided to buy a tavern so as not to always have to go with the music elsewhere. It was in a town where there were 3 pubs and 3 houses, but despite the competition the place quickly gained fame for being the first in the area where you could sing and dance to the sound of beer.

The Brennan had 9 children, all worked in the pub and all danced and sang. Among the nine creatures was one waiting for an extraordinary future, a young girl with a wonderful voice that everyone knew as Enya.

Welcome to Leo's Tavern, one of Donegal's most popular pubs,Welcome to Enya's pub in Ireland.

In an Irish pub everyone sings and dances

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Donegal, the wildest part of Ireland.

There I fell silent in front of the cliffs of Slieve League, walked through the open-mouthed Arranmore Island, attended traditional Irish music classes and stopped in front of an ancient dolmen.

But there was a place I needed to visit and about which I had special interest:Enya's pub in Ireland.

They had told me that it belonged to their parents, and even that there I would have the opportunity to meet their brother. Once inside, looking at all his photos, his records and listening to the background music, it was absolutely clear that this was a very special place.

In an Irish pub no matter the age or social status, everyone will have fun

The Brennan got to form a music group called Clannad, which means family in Gaelic. They were popular in Europe first and in the rest of the world shortly thereafter.

Enya joined the band professionally in the early 80s, just after finishing school. The experience did not last long since a couple of years later he left the group and joined the University to study music and try to exploit his talent.

In the late 80's Enya had become a star worldwide.

Bartley Brennan, Enya's brother, is a great guy

If you pass by Leo's Tavern in Donegal You can check that Enya's footprint is present in every corner. His music, his images, replicas of his records, even that mystical air that contains his songs flutters through the atmosphere.

In addition, there you can meet a member of his family, such as the good one of Bartley, one of Enya's brothers. A great guy who won't mind taking a Guinness with you while he tells you, delighted, the endearing story of Enya and this fantastic family of musicians.

Welcome to Leo's Tavern in Donegal,Welcome to Enya's pub in Ireland.

Leo's Tavern, Meenaleck, Crolly, Gweedore, Co. Donegal