Ryanair assigned seats


The new Ryanair

Not long ago I told you about Ryanair's changes. Well, the great moment has arrived and, in less than ten days, I have to fly again with the Irish low-cost airline.

There is so much desire that I have to verify how the novelties brought by Michael O'Leary and his colleagues work, that today I made the check-in to see with my own eyes about the assigned seats.

And I have to admit that I had a hard time believing in it. So many years suffering from bad customer service, queues, stress, improper overtaking and bad mood, it is not easy for me to accept, just like that, that on my next flight I will not have to fight to get to sit next to my children.

But indeed, I have in my hands the boarding pass and yes, it seems that Ryanair assigned seats I mean it.

Fly with Ryanair

I was curious about the subject. When you fly with Ryanair you can do the check-in between 15 days and 2 hours before flying. I usually wait for the previous day or a couple at most, but this time I could not resist. I thought How are they going to do the assigning seats? Will it be done by an automated system? I don't travel alone, but I travel with my wife and 2 children, will you recognize this detail and put us together? Will they be able to assign us separate seats? Will we have to pay to be able to sit in the same row? Will there be trick?

It seems to me that you will agree with me that this question, whether there will be a trick, is purely and exactly the demonstration of the state of paranoia that many have come to when we have to fly with Ryanair. In every click it seems that you are playing life, every screen you overcome is a triumph.

So I grabbed the 4 passports decided, brave, willing to face my destiny, and entered the website.

The first thing I saw was the notification warning that as of February 1, all Ryanair flights operate with assigned seats. Good! I thought, It wasn't just a rumor or a marketing strategy!

From there the situation becomes somewhat less clear:

Premium seats

You can choose the best seats and have priority boarding for only 10 euros. These are the seats corresponding to rows 1-5, 16, 17 and 32, 33. Basically they are the seats with extra legroom and those closest to the exits.

Regular Seats

You can choose your favorite seats, window for example, or make sure you sit next to your travel companions for only 5 euros. Add 2 euros more and you will also have priority boarding.

Here I have to admit that I have been scared and the joy has suddenly gone away. Make sure you sit next to your travel companionsI knew it, there is a trick!I thought automatically.

I kept reading and the message was beginning to be quite clear. If you wish not to select and pay for your preferred seats between 15 days and 2 hours before the flight you have booked, you will be assigned a random seat for free.

Fly for less money

Okay, I'm already aware of what the options are and my choice is not to pay and let the system assign me the seats. The key question, the quiz of the question, the moment I have been waiting so long is, Will Ryanair have in mind that I travel with 3 companions and will we be assigned correlative seats?

And that's where the time factor comes in, I've told myself. Since I'm doing the check-in well in advance, I understand that there will be enough seat availability and the system will offer us the best option. And indeed, it has assigned us seats 22B, 22C, 22D and 22E.

Normally we try to award ourselves a complete row, so that the 2 kids are together and sitting next to an adult. The fourth passenger is placed in any of the closest seats, always attentive or in advance to lend a hand when needed.

This time we will travel 2 and 2, which seems correct and totally logical from the perspective of the computer system. They have ensured that none of the 4 trips without being accompanied. It will be a novelty for us and at the same time a real luxury to reach the boarding gate knowing in advance what is the seat that is waiting for you.

There are still a few days left before the time comes, but I already want to see if the new proposal actually responds positively to the great expectations created; because it is already known that everything that glitters is not gold, but this time I bet to grant the benefit of the doubt to Ryanair assigned seats.

Ye will tell you around!