Liquid pumps at the airport


The airports

My weapon of mass destruction

My turn came and the usual liturgy began. Open the suitcase, take out the laptop and the bag. Empty your pockets, take off your belt and place it all on the tray, next to the jacket. The bottle with the 150 ml of water stayed in my hand. “Excuse me, gentleman, the liquid in that container in his hand is going to have to be poured into the bin"The kid in charge of the already tired procedure told me. I touched, this was not waiting for me. "Why?"I replied,"It is only water, and does not exceed 100 ml allowed by the standard". I lied, but it was part of my initial plan.

My project was intended to question the relevance of the 100 ml allowed. I had filled my bottle with 150 ml of water and, thanks to the insignificant difference of 50 ml, I planned to start a discussion with the airport staff. The vessel had been properly chosen to play with the quantities.

The intention was, first, to find out how they would be able to verify the amount of water in the bottle. The following, if they had bothered to verify that it exceeded what was established by the regulations, it would have been to drink those 50 ml of difference there so that they would let me pass with my 100 ml allowed. But none of this was necessary. What happened had not been planned.

I still can't see the light at the end of the tunnel

Let's resume the conversation. "The jar is too big. Exceeds the allowed capacity”Continued the boy. "How? But what counts is the content, right?”I replied quite surprised. "I'm sorry"Continued the kid,"It's too big". And here began the conversation of sea breams.

But let's see. The rule says that I can transport 100 ml of water or any other liquid with me, and that is what I am doing. At no time reference is made to the size of the container"I insisted. I had no intention of giving my arm to twist. "Sir, the jar is too big. It will not be able to pass with that liquid. If you want, I call my supervisor". The thing was starting to get interesting.

It was not necessary to ask him, the boy, when he saw my face, turned around and left me there waiting in front of the belt, toothpaste, cell phone and shaving cream. Sometimes I wonder why I bother preparing my suitcase by placing everything in an orderly and organized way. After all, in the blissful security check I have to undo everything again. Next time I still appear with an empty suitcase and with my stuff in a plastic bag To, once there, go examine the always friendly security personnel piece by piece and, after receiving the approval, place them neatly in the suitcase.

Anyway, let's continue with our new episode of Waiting for Godot. Come back my friend the kid next to an old man, big man, looking to take years in the matter. Good! I thought. A little experience always helps to put some light in the dark. "Good morning gentleman. I'm sorry to tell you that it can't happen with this liquid“Zasca, take experience! "But sir, as I was saying to the boy, I don't have more than 100 ml that is the amount allowed". The 50 ml difference was already totally irrelevant. Here what it was about was the vessel, something totally new to me. “I'm sorry sir, the bottle is larger than allowed“.

I insisted a couple more times about the content concept versus continent, but it didn't help. A man who stood behind me in the queue, looked at me with a face of resignation and said “Let him run, boy, you won't get them to reason. Although it makes no sense there is nothing to do. Better do what they say and you will avoid major problems". Finally I gave the jar to the security employee who, very diligently, approached a bin that was nearby and poured inside the water of my tap. The man came back, handed me the container and said “now it can happen“.

I also had to take off my boots when going through the security checkpoint

Frustrated and resigned, after passing metal control I was frisked which one suspected of having committed a crime and I had to take off my boots to pass through the tunnel of terror. Once the outrageous experience is over, putting on my boots and belt again while reorganizing my suitcase, the supervisor, probably seeing my appearance defeated and smoothed, he approached me again and with a conciliatory tone of voice he said “Lord, remember that we do all this for your own safety.". I looked up from my suitcase, which I was trying to close, and replied “Security? Security of what? Are you sure every passenger who passes through here makes a fool of yourself? Are you sure that the companies that produce bottled water that I am going to find from now on my way make a good living at the cost of this nonsense? Because tell me the truth, gentleman, what dangerous action could I have done with that little water I brought from home in my bottle? Would you be so kind as to explain it to me so that I can at least understand it?

Bombs"The good man goes and lets me go. "In London they arrested passengers who were trying to prepare liquid bombs on the plane. They carried several liquids in different containers that, supposedly, once mixed would have become explosive triggers". Far from being impressed, I stared at the good man and said “De agreement, then you tell me the following: if instead of with a half-liter bottle and 100 ml of water inside I had appeared this morning with 5 small bottles of water with 100 ml each, I understand that I would not have had problem to get through, right? The rules allow it to pass with liquids as long as they do not exceed 100 ml in size, but says nothing about the number of containers that a passenger can carry with them, unless I know". The man nodded. "And it seems logical to you? Do not you think that there is more risk that the happy bomb can be built by someone who carries 5 bottles of 100 ml than one like me who carried a container, large, yes, but practically empty?“.

Yes, you are right, but these are the rules" he told me. "And you understand them?" asked. "Honestly no"He replied with an accomplice smile drawn on his face,"but we have to abide by them". And here our conversation ended.

There is a long way to go

I just tell you that this will not end like this. You'll hear from me and my adventures or misadventures through airports again. I am not one of those who gives the arm to easily twist nor do I think that the rules are to be accepted when they are meaningless. If we had never questioned the rules of the game, we would probably still continue in the Middle Ages.

To God I put as a witness that they cannot bring me down. I will survive, and when everything has happened, I will return to liquid, both me and any of mine. Even if I have to lie, steal, beg or kill, I give God a witness that one day I will have liquid again!

Someday we will have to rollWhat the airport took.