What to do in Alicante


With its dozens of blue flag beaches, its numerous massifs and mountains, its charming villages and the tasty and varied cuisine based on its local products, Alicante is one of the best places you can visit in Spain.

Go ahead that I am from Alicante, but I am really giving a totally objective opinion (I am not crossing my fingers as I write).

The morphology of the province means that there are many activities that can be carried out in Alicante. If you are not one of those who like to be lying all day in the sun on any beach, Here are some things you can do in Alicante:


Paragliding in Santa Pola

We start with risk activities, to wake up the staff.

Performing a paragliding jump is one of the closest sensations to flying like a bird that you can experience. In Alicante there is a good (and reliable) company that performs tandem flights and courses. This is Santa Pola Paragliding. I have flown with them and had a magnificent experience.

Its takeoff tracks are located in Santa Pola (a coastal town in the municipality of Elche) and Agost, in the Sierra del Maigmó. Both flights show totally different views. In Santa Pola I flew over the sea, with the island of Tabarca in the background, while when you do it in Agost, you enjoy bird's eye views over mountains and orchards.

Do not be afraid. I have already tried the tandem flights five times and never had any mishaps.


Villajoyosa coast, in Alicante. Perfect to make coasteering

I tried this risk sport for the first time on the wild coast of Anglesey Island, in Wales. I had the honor of doing it in the place where it was invented.

The beauty of coasteering is that You hardly need equipment, almost everyone can do it and you are in full contact with nature. It basically consists of going along a coastal profile both swimming and on the rocks. In between, you make jumps from different heights to marine pools of sufficient depth so that you do not have any mishaps.

There are companies that provide the necessary equipment (neoprene and gloves to cover you from the friction of the rocks, sneakers or thick booties and a helmet) and a guide who knows the route well. However, if you are a local and you know perfectly the area where you do the activity, you can go alone.

Make the most of your time and sign up for a guided tour of Alicante in Spanish of a day for only 10 euros:


In Alicante there are several coastal areas suitable for practicing coasteering, but the one I like the most is the one near El Torres beach. Here the waters are crystal clear, different blue and deep, and the coast offers rocks from which you can jump into the sea. The best time is May and October.

In addition, the difference with other sites where I have practiced it is that the tides do not come into play here (although you should be careful with the waves).

Hiking and other mountain sports

Corniseando at medium height by the Rock of Ifach