Dunes and nudism on the beach of El Carabassí, province of Alicante


When I returned to Spain 5 years ago, after more than 9 living abroad, I thought I did it only for a while. Getting used to a life abroad, working in an international and multicultural environment, and having made three long-term trips with my backpack in tow, it made me a world to think about living again in a country that I love for many things and I hate for some others.

If we also consider that I was returning to my hometown, Alicante, the thing got even more complicated. Despite being a provincial capital, Alicante is not exactly the place in Spain with the best leisure offer and have a different life. However, the wonderful Terreta (as we affectionately call the locals) has something that catches you.

One of the things that makes Alicante a special place - Although the most important are still friends and family - is their quality of life. More than 300 sunny days a year They are to blame that Alicante beaches Be one of its main tourist attractions.

Some of the best are just a few kilometers from the city center, by bike.

This is how I traveled the 16 km that separate my house from Carabassí beach, in Arenales del Sol, which is part of the municipal district of neighboring Elche.

Beaches of Arenales del Sol and El Carabassí

How to get

From Alicante, you can reach these beaches by taking Avenida de Elche and turning left - Santa Pola direction - more or less at the height of the fiasco - and another example of political corruption in the Valencian Community - of the City of La Luz.

Soon, you will turn left again towards the beaches of Urbanova, the Altet, Arenales del Sol and, a little further on, Santa Pola.

By bicycle you can follow the same route, but pedal carefully because you will only have a bike lane in the first two kilometers and drivers tend to exceed the speed limit - 50 km / h - for the existence of two lanes, in each direction, in the Elche Avenue.

El Carabassí Beach

Carabassí Beach

After about 45 km pedaling, I arrived at the beach of El Carabassí, located 16 km from the center of Alicante and just next to Arenales del Sol.

Unlike Arenales, This beach has no buildings behind or a promenade It is located just under the small rocky rock of the same name and has a beautiful system of sandy dunes.

I arrived at the parking lot and I liked to see that there were barely 3 cars parked. It is what I like most about what I do: having the flexibility of being able to go to the sites during the week, when people are working and natural spaces are at your mercy.

To get to the arena, I had to do it through a system of wooden ramps built trying to interfere as little as possible with this beautiful ecosystem.

When I reached the beach, I left the bike tied to a wooden pole and looked for a place to put the towel.