The airlines before the general strike in Spain


  • Nearby trains: Between 6 and 9 in the morning there will be a minimum service of 35% while at other times the trains will run at a minimum of 30%.
  • Long distance trains: AVE and all those train journeys over 500km away will work at a minimum of 20%.
  • Air transportation: Flights within the peninsula will only circulate at a minimum of 10%. Those with origin or destination to the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla will do so at 50%, European flights at 20% and international flights at 40%.

These percentages only affect Spanish airlines and obviously there are many other airlines that operate in Spanish territory. These will be impacted by the follow-up of the strike by the workers of each of the airports.

How is this last point translated in each of the airlines that operate in Spanish airports?

Let's take a look at the official pages of the most representative airlines that fly in the Spanish territory:

Air Europe:

The company through its blog offers a complete list of flights that are not going to take off the track. They also report that November 9 was the last day of the deadline to claim a refund or a change of date for the canceled flight.


In the following statement Ryanair does not plan to make any cancellation. Of course, warn of possible delays and possible cancellations due to lack of personnel. They intend that all their flights operate on a regular basis but their operation and punctuality will depend on the ground staff.


Iberia has canceled more than 350 flights for tomorrow. You can see the list in this official communication of Iberia where the flights operated by Air Nostrum are also reflected. On the same website you can contemplate the options for changing dates and reimbursement offered by the company.


You can check in this link the list of flights that will operate during November 14 and in this other list you can see the canceled flights.

From the same website, as long as you have purchased the ticket directly with Vueling, you can make a flight change or request a refund online.


In the official Easyjet statement we are informed of canceled flights and other rescheduled flights for Wednesday, November 14. Take a look in case you have not received a reminder email from the company.

British Airways:

The English company reports on the effects of the strike on its flights through a statement although it does not detail how other companies will affect each of its flights. They advise to check the flight status through their Flight Status system and also inform about the methods to be able to reimburse the flight money or how to change the dates of the flight.

Good luck to all! I hope you arrive happily at your destination without too many headaches!