The most photographed places in the world in 2017


The preferred social network in terms of sharing moments and memories through images, has published the Top ten of the most photographed places in the world in 2017. Thanks to its geolocation system, Instagram offers us the most repeated destinations for its users.

It is a way to see which are the most frequented sites either by tourists and locals. Likewise, the success of the social network according to the country determines the positions. Surely if the use of Instagram increased in China we would have a very different picture. Currently the United States takes the top positions and, along with the best known monuments, the theme parks fight to be at the top of the podium.

The ranking from the most photographed places in the world in 2017 according to Instagram is the following:

1. Disneyland, Anaheim - United States

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The first theme park built by the Disney factory takes first place. Inaugurated in the mid-50s in California, it is a short distance from Los Angeles and becomes an ideal pack to have the whole family happy with a pleasure vacation, the opportunity to discover an amazing city and let the children Have fun with your favorite characters.

2. Times Square, New York - United States

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In the heart of Manhattan, the corner that joins the famous Broadway Avenue on Seventh Avenue appears in all the lists of the world's most famous places. In the ranking of Instagram for 2017 could not be less. Without a doubt, a New York icon.

3. Central Park, New York - United States

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In the midst of the giant skyscrapers in New York, this enormous green space that gives life to the city and which has been the protagonist in countless American films rises. An ideal place to walk, go for a run and escape for a while from the stressful New York lifestyle.

4. Eiffel Tower, Paris - France

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The first European appears could not be other than the most representative symbol of France. The Eiffel Tower has been receiving flashes from its feet for more than a century and from the spectacular views of Paris that we can get at the top of the tower.

5. Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo - Japan

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The Japanese also show their fervor for the Disney factory and the theme park located in Urayasu stands as the first place photographed in Asia according to the Instagram social network. Built in the early eighties, as with the original replica in California, it is just 30 minutes drive from the center of Tokyo which offers the possibility that the whole family enjoys a very varied vacation.

6. Disney's Magic Kingdom, Orlando - United States

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Another Disney amusement park in Florida is the most visited in the world and is approximately half an hour's drive from the city of Orlando. Another opportunity to alternate journey of discovery and fun at the same time as a family.

7. Louvre Museum, Paris -France

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Paris returns to the list with its best known museum and probably the most important museum in the world thanks to its extensive collection of works of all time.

8. Brooklyn Bridge, New York - United States

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The Brooklyn Bridge in New York is another of the most characteristic icons of this spectacular city in the United States. If you arrive for the first time you will have a déjà vu to remember this image that we have seen thousands and thousands of times in the movies.

9. Disney California Adventure Park, Anaheim - United States

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Adjacent to the original Disney located in Anaheim, 30 minutes from Los Angeles, is this theme park that opened its doors at the beginning of this century. Its position among the most photographed demonstrates how people usually alternate the visit and add this enclave on their route through California.

10. Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas - United States

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In the city of doom, we find the Las Vegas Strip, the area where the vast majority of casinos and largest hotels in the world are located.