One-month trip through Indonesia


Trying to cover Indonesia in one trip is an impossible task. This Asian country is practically a continent in itself, encompassing a huge expanse of the planet that goes from the height of Myanmar to the other end of Australia. The country is divided into multiple islands so it is necessary to get on a domestic plane from time to time to cover more than one site. Inside, the transport will take you long journeys to go from one place to another.

Traditional house in Danau Toba, Sumatra

Indonesia gathers a lot of contrasts With which we can enjoy a special trip full of adventures and varied experiences. From ascents to volcanoes in full life, paradisiacal beaches that have nothing to envy their neighbors in Thailand or Malaysia, thick jungles that are still to be explored, a varied fauna and tribes and customs that will leave you with your mouth open.


Make the most of your time in Bali with one of the following guided excursions and with very good recommendations from its users:

  1. Trekking to Mount Batur at sunrise with breakfast on top
  2. Gili Islands Excursion
  3. Bali all-inclusive tour: Ubud rice paddies, temples and volcanoes
  4. Excursion to lakes and temples of Bedugul and Tanah Lot / a>
  5. Excursion to Lembongan Island by catamaran
  6. Sea Walker in Bali
  7. Kecak dance in Uluwatu temple
  8. Bike tour of southern Bali
  9. Cultural route from Batubulan to Kintamani
  10. Bali Instagram Tour
  11. Private car or minibus rental with driver in Bali
  12. The best of Bali: one-day tour, personalized and private
  13. Other spectacular excursions in Bali

For a month I enjoyed modern Singapore, the sensational food in Melaka and the views of the skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. In Indonesia I went through the spectacular jungle of Sumatra, climbed and enjoyed the colors of the volcanoes in Java, got inside the splendid rice fields in Bali, traveled by car to the beaches and waterfalls of the island of Lombok and I rested a whole week in the unforgettable Gili Islands in Indonesia.

Indonesia is a country with a lot of different islands and in each one you will find different levels of difficulty for the traveler as well as an ostensible price variation. In Sumatra you will barely find tourists and the prices are laughable, Bali is the antithesis of Sumatra with a high congregation of tourists - especially Australians - and higher prices that start to spread in Lombok and in the Gili Islands, Java would come to be halfway Road between Bali and Sumatra. You will find more details about this in our article dedicated to the travel budget in Indonesia.

Below I detail the full tour of my month-long trip to Indonesia with its relevant links:

The Lion, the symbol of Singapore


Day tripPlace and article
Day 1Arrive in Singapore
2-3 daysTwo-day visit to Singapore